Two familar faces, again.

Here we go into the political season in Waterboro. It used to be interesting, filled with controversy, talked about, and finished with a Annual Town Meeting,

These days, after a scramble to find enough voters to start the voting, there will be a handful, literally, of voters attending. Most of the folks in the hall will be familiar faces from various committees, in attendance to maybe answer questions.

There are two openings for Selectman, and both will be filled with the same people already in office. Jon Gale and David Woodsome have both taken out nomination  papers. Two openings, two candidates, hohum, another year gone.

As is becoming traditional, there are folks asking why we don’t move to a Referendum vote on the budget, why we don’t go back to three Selectmen, etc.  Why? Easy answer. No one brought up and followed through during the year. It is way too late now, and the issue will again die and go away a week after the Annual Town Meeting.

Reasons to attend the Annual Town Meeting?  None.


The bad roads in Waterboro ?

Waterboro is lucky to enjoy three major routes going through our lovely area, Route 5, Route 202, and Route 4. All the visionary committees talk about how valuable they are to the area. Our Chairwoman tells of her plans to bring more business to town , and her plans to add to the glory of these roads.

Yeah, the roads stink. They have major potholes, bumps, and crappy pavement. None has places to pullover, no bike lanes, no walking paths. Oh yeah, down by the Elementary School there is that road sign saying watch for children walking. Pretty much a joke, since no one would let their kids walk the side of those roads.

Now, the State tells us they are going to do the least amount possible to the surface this Summer, just a skim coat, or as Selectman Littlefield says, lipstick on the pig.

The townhall reaction ? Oh gosh, they say, isn’t that terrible, woe is us.  They might have the Road Commissioner look into the problem.  Political leverage from our State Rep ? Nah, keep cutting the budgets, spend nothing, no, no, no.  He has about as much political leverage in Augusta as a sponge.  Then again, our past Selectman and current Road Commissioner, has spent the last eight years, dressing up and driving to Augusta, to publicly tell the Department of Transportation (DOT) they are jerks, don’t know anything, and can’t do anything right.

We have no leverage, no backbone, and no ambition to make the State do more to our roads. None.  We complain really well, but do nothing else. But we do want business, any business, some business, to come to town.  Wah, wah, wah from Waterboro.

The last Waterboro Road Commissioner and the first ???

We had a Charter change a year ago, made some small changes,and some big ones.  One change does away with the publically elected Road Commissioner, and instead creates a Waterboro Public Works Department.

Done. It is cast in concrete. It is the will of the people. ??

Well, not so fast. For the last 10 months one Selectman, the new Town Administrator, and the current, and last, Road Commissioner have been “developing” the job description and definition of duties of the new department.  Ten months to define what the Charter change has create. Have we seen a draft of the changes, any hints, leaks, gossip, talk around town?  Nope.


Well, sorta, there certainly is talk around town about who is getting the new job, and salaries.  Almost certainly, the current Road Commissioner is a show in for the job. And since he’s helping write the job description, everyone is pretty sure it will fit him to a tee.


Clock is ticking though, and since the job starts, officially, in a few months, along with a new budget that had to be created by someone. we should know soon. Or not. This is Waterboro. They may prolong it into the new fiscal year as they figure it out !



No Comments ?

Yep, there are not going to be many comments on this website. For a couple of reasons: first, if you want to make a comment, you have to register, leave a name and address.  That eliminates most of the writers in the area. Two, when Waterboro went to a five member Council of Selectmen, the town further divided into little groups of like interest, none of whom are going to write anything. Plus, the five Selectmen are not writers. They pontificate on camera, say almost nothing worth mentioning, and that’s it.  There are no more Bob Fays left. No one who will voice an opinion in writing.  Oh, yeah, there is Jon Gale and his infrequent philosophical ditties that address large picture items, but which relate to Waterboro not at all.

So, no, to the question, I do not expect comments to happen very much, if at all. But, that just gives me a one way street for my opinions.

Hospitality in Waterboro

I keep hearing that Waterboro needs a hospitality suite, ie a motel/hotel or B&B.  When the occasional relative or friend shows up do you tell them to get a room somewhere?  Where is the demand for a hotel/motel ?  The occasional FIshing Derby? The Homecoming ? Massabesic Alumni reunion?  Transient traffic passing through, on their way to areas that have things to do ?

What’s the attraction that would bring folks to Waterboro, and have them spend an evening in town?  Personally, if there was a demand, I think someone would have invested the money and built something.

Fulltime residents have homes, Summer folks have their homes, the transients passing through have nothing to attract them to stay. There is no uptown, downtown, business area, beach area, or tourist spot in town. And there are plenty of places within twenty minutes to stay.  Convince me I am wrong.