Job posting for part time Waterboro Public Works Director




The Public Works Director is responsible for the general management of the Public Works Department
and for directing all phases of municipal public works including budget preparation, fleet maintenance,
road maintenance and winter operations. The position also acts as the Supervisor of the town’s
Transfer Station.

The Director works under the general supervision of the Town Administrator and works closely with
other municipal departments and with various state and federal agencies and the general public.

POSITION CLASSIFICATION: This new position is classified as an exempt position for 20 hours per
week during the first year with a $25,000 to $30,000 salary range. The position may increase in hours,
responsibilities and compensation during subsequent years.


 Must hold a valid Maine Driver’s License and be insurable in a normal risk pool.
 Must be available to work extra hours as needed all year long during evenings, weekends, and weekdays under moderate to high stress as weather conditions or local emergencies dictate.

 Must be able to supervise the daily functions of a public works department.

 Must be able to stand, walk, talk, listen, stoop, kneel, reach, and lift up to and occasionally over 50 lbs.

External and internal applicants, as well as position incumbents who become disabled as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, must be able to perform the essential job functions (as listed) either unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation to be determined by management on a
case by case basis.


 Is responsible in directing road and sidewalk maintenance and construction programs and ensures work is done in a safe and OSHA compliant manner

 Inspects the work of contractors and vendors engaged in Public Works activities.

 Is responsible for oversight of repairs and maintenance of all town properties and infrastructure.

 Recommends policies and coordinates activities in accordance with general policies established by the Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator.

 Handles complaints from the public and ensures good customer service within the department.

The quiet times are upon us

Summer is sorta here, the Town Meeting is over,  budgets are set. There is another year long ‘transition’ period for the position of Director of Public Works, although most of the town is pretty sure who will ‘help’ during the transition !  LOL

It’s all over and done until we get to Fall, another election season, committees in town start being active.

It’s not that nothing is going on i town, just that we don’t, and won’t, know about it.


Walk in Clinic closed !

Waterboro walk-in care unavailable

Officials: Temporary closure due to staffing shortage

WATERBORO — The walk-in care clinic here is closing temporarily because of a shortage of nurse practitioners and physicians assistants to staff the facility.

The closure of the Waterboro Walk-in Clinic is effective today. Southern Maine Health Care President Ed McGeachey said the goal is for the facility to re-open within the next two to three months.

Classic Waterboro politics !

Jump to the Waterboro Official website, click on the link showing how to fill in a

write in candidate.  Tell me the town isn’t backing  Woodsome.  A decent lawyer would have a field day with this one.


Oooppps – they took it off the front page, but the link still works.


They finally took it off.  Good lawyer could null ad void this election with ease.



Same old, Same old

In over a year, the town has been unable to write a job description for the new Charter Position of Public Works Director.

So, now, just before town meeting, they decide they are going to transition into the new position. Another year, same old, same old.

And they are already talking about what constitutes a quorum to run the Annual Town Meeting.  Remind me again, why anyone would spend time to attend this meeting? It’s cut and dried, already a done deal.  Everything is fine, the budget is fine, it’s all the schools fault for any raised taxes.

We pride ourselves in Waterboro for the largest school bus system in the State f Maine, and the lowest cost per student .

Nobody moves here for the school system. And the ones coming for the low taxes are just smiling and laughing at people complaining about ‘high’ taxes.

The Road Commissioner spins a tale

At the last Planning Board get together, there was an informal meeting with the new owners of the campground on the lake, and the Selectmen, and the current and last Road Commissioner.


The Planning Board, The Selectmen, The 20/20 visionary committee, the Economic Development Committee all were back slapped and driven back to ground zero.  The Road Commissioner, after years of advocating for a road standard, announced that some roads in town, especially McLucas Road, are unable to handle even small amounts of commercial traffic. He announced that when McLucal Road as rebuilt, it was done to a lesser standard than the normal town roads, and is unable to even handle 30-50 RVs on a seasonal basis.

I was on the Road Review Committee until recently, and was unaware that they now supported lesser standard roads in town.


Apparently, at the very least, the Road Review Committee and the Road Commissioner need to supply to the town a listing of all public town roads, a copy of the sub standard road specs, and what roads do not meet the requirements for normal commercial traffic.

We just lost an opportunity to get traffic OFF of Route 5 during the Summer season, and put it on a side road. We also need to make sure we redefine our zoning to make allowances for reduced uses, especially for any commercial business looking to come to Waterboro.

It would be nice to the town, if the upcoming Public Works Director is detailed enough to keep good records, and help rectify this issue.  I suspect he will not be up to the task.


Just another Road Commissioner ?

Waterboro changed the charter a year ago, made some small changes, and a couple of large ones. One change was for no longer having an ELECTED Road Commissioner. We are SUPPOSE to have a Public Works Director, a position to be filled from job applicants and selected by a Hiring Panel and the Town Selectmen.

Guess what?  We are LESS than a month away from the Annual Town Meeting, and the START of the new position. The NEW Town Administrator, the CURRENT Road Commissioner, and one Selectman have spent more a year TRYING to write up a job description. Guess what? It ain’t done, AND it looks like they have decided on having a PART TIME  Public Works Director.   most people are willing to bet money on who will fill this new position, ie the CURRENT Road Commissioner.

So, Waterboro is going from a historical ELECTED Road Commissioner to an appointed Road Commissioner.  That is NOT what the Charter change was suppose to do. We’re going to keep the same person, another title and job description, and the same lack of detail to record keeping.

All part of growing up from a small town to a non descript small city, I guess.  I still bet they have a hard time finding enough people to start the Annual Town Meeting. There just are not people in town that know, care, or much give a damn anymore.

Route Five and the skim coat

Ho-ray, the State is going to spend money on redoing Route Five !  They are going to spend money on it. WE should be happy?  Nope.


The State has designated three Light(small) capital grants to skimcoat from near Merrill’s Store to near Hannaford’s.  Isn’t this good ?  Nope. Instead of doing the job right, fixing the shoulders, regrinding the pavement and correcting the problem areas, they are simply going to put lipstick on the pig, a light inexpensive easy to do thin coating, a skim coat.


Isn’t this better than now, better than nothing? Once again, no it is not. After they do their quick job, they won’t touch it again for another five years. The skim coat might last a year until it comes apart again. We are screwed for another five years.

I hear the EDC, the economic development people saying they need to get together and work with one of the regional organizations to learn how to deal with the Maine DOT, Department of Transportation.  It’s a little late for that, and simply negates anything getting done for another five years.


We love to bitch about the State. We, however, do nothing except talk, talk, talk.  Instead of crying in our beer for the next year,  how about getting some backbone, telling the State that they can keep their skimcoat, and do nothing until they can do the job right.  Drop the speed limit on Route Five to 25 MPH due t safety reasons, call Channels 6,8, and 13, and go public.  Publicity works when dealing with the State of Maine government.


Or we can cry about the terrible waste of money, the injustice of the DOT, and wail, wail, wail.  My guess is we will wail, gnaash our teeth and cry, cry, cry.

Two familar faces, again.

Here we go into the political season in Waterboro. It used to be interesting, filled with controversy, talked about, and finished with a Annual Town Meeting,

These days, after a scramble to find enough voters to start the voting, there will be a handful, literally, of voters attending. Most of the folks in the hall will be familiar faces from various committees, in attendance to maybe answer questions.

There are two openings for Selectman, and both will be filled with the same people already in office. Jon Gale and David Woodsome have both taken out nomination  papers. Two openings, two candidates, hohum, another year gone.

As is becoming traditional, there are folks asking why we don’t move to a Referendum vote on the budget, why we don’t go back to three Selectmen, etc.  Why? Easy answer. No one brought up and followed through during the year. It is way too late now, and the issue will again die and go away a week after the Annual Town Meeting.

Reasons to attend the Annual Town Meeting?  None.


The bad roads in Waterboro ?

Waterboro is lucky to enjoy three major routes going through our lovely area, Route 5, Route 202, and Route 4. All the visionary committees talk about how valuable they are to the area. Our Chairwoman tells of her plans to bring more business to town , and her plans to add to the glory of these roads.

Yeah, the roads stink. They have major potholes, bumps, and crappy pavement. None has places to pullover, no bike lanes, no walking paths. Oh yeah, down by the Elementary School there is that road sign saying watch for children walking. Pretty much a joke, since no one would let their kids walk the side of those roads.

Now, the State tells us they are going to do the least amount possible to the surface this Summer, just a skim coat, or as Selectman Littlefield says, lipstick on the pig.

The townhall reaction ? Oh gosh, they say, isn’t that terrible, woe is us.  They might have the Road Commissioner look into the problem.  Political leverage from our State Rep ? Nah, keep cutting the budgets, spend nothing, no, no, no.  He has about as much political leverage in Augusta as a sponge.  Then again, our past Selectman and current Road Commissioner, has spent the last eight years, dressing up and driving to Augusta, to publicly tell the Department of Transportation (DOT) they are jerks, don’t know anything, and can’t do anything right.

We have no leverage, no backbone, and no ambition to make the State do more to our roads. None.  We complain really well, but do nothing else. But we do want business, any business, some business, to come to town.  Wah, wah, wah from Waterboro.