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August 3, 2015
by Waterboro
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A Dollar General rising

Fairly fast, the Dollar General store in North Waterboro is rising. This after a long tit for tat with the Waterboro Public Works Director, better known as the Road Commissioner, or locally known as He who has done a lot for the town.  The house on the other side of the street is  valuable piece of rental property, seemingly unused for the last three years. The land across the corner is 27 acres of spec property, most likely due to have a 5 acre propane tank storage unit, plus sundry other nick knacks. Nothing serious is being planned over there.

December 5, 2014
by Waterboro

Wright Chocolate House – Limerick

I make excuses to drive to Limerick to visit this place. Often. Friendly, easy to find, and worth the trip. If you don’t like chocolate, drive someone who does !  Course, I always leave with some of the homemade Caramels. Locally made, local ingredients, and a chocolate craft shop worth the trip.

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December 5, 2014
by Waterboro
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Gneiss Beer in Limerick Maine

Always seems just right to visit a local craft beer, especially when it is in the neighboring town !

It’s small, friendly and a neat local place to visit. Not intimidating like many of the larger craft

micro brews might be. I was early and got to spend a few minutes talking. And I left with a growler. They had five different

brews in the making and/or on tap. They have many places in Portland that carry their beer, and I believe Woody’s in Waterboro

also does.  The usual tee shirts, and glasses, should you develop a likeness for them ! I might, but looks like it will take a few moe visits

to be sure.

Link is on the Links List.  Worth the visit.