Watch the two videos

Watch the Tuesday Selectman Meeting, and the discussion about both the driveway ordinances, both of them, ad the other issue of 2.08.  Then watch the next night Planning Board meeting , and notice NO communication from the Town Manager, or the Selectmen about the two subjects from the night before. None.  They just left the Planning Board swinging in the breeze wondering what was wanted from the Selectmen. This type of behavior is one of the reasons the Planning Board has three members resign.

Things that we laugh at in Waterboro

It has been fun watching the legal antics of the new Public Works Department and the Town Manager, as they work hard to make sure nothing gets built for commercial use in North Waterboro.  Dollar General is certainly amused I am sure.  And the campground expansion is  the next target of these two.

But before you laugh too loud, you should read through the proposed new driveway ordinance. Because this affects every landowner in the town of Waterboro.  The link on the top of the page shows a few highlighted sentences.  Owning land n Waterboro just became more expensive. Oh, unless you want to donate your land to the Waterboro Land Trust. Then you suddenly have a waiver, and cooperation.

What does Waterboro need?

Interesting conversation about the types of business Waterboro needs. Someone brought up the “visioning sessions” that took place a few years ago at the High School. Remember those ? Thought so. Not many people remember them, not a large interest in town, not a talked about subject. Unless, of course, you were on the “Visioning Committee”.

One thing the town “needs” is a movie theater. That did come up. A movie theater?  This is high on the list of things Waterboro needs?  And a NAPA store. Well, we have that now. But I don’t see a large push to bring in a movie theater.

What do we “need” in town? Most of the working age people leave town in the morning to go to work. And they shop around where they work. That leaves the retired folks. What do they need?  What does the town offer?

Is it unmanly in Waterboro to recycle ?

For the second time in a while, watched an older man throw away four bags of cans, in the hopper, rather than recycle them a few steps away.  His reply to my question “Why?”?  Don’t worry about it. I pay my taxes.” And he stomped off.

Someone had clearly separated all the cans out, and bagged them.  His wife ? And he throws them away.

Is it embarrassing to recycle? Maybe he’s uncomfortable at the dump ?

Someone said maybe he is just one of those folks that never learned to read, and doesn’t realize he can recycle, or what it is.

$10 bucks worth of cash, thrown away. Strange, but it happens all too often at our Transfer Station.

Me? I’d put a camera up at the hopper, and put short video clips on the town website. Publicity sometimes works wonders.

Gneiss Beer in Limerick Maine

Always seems just right to visit a local craft beer, especially when it is in the neighboring town !

It’s small, friendly and a neat local place to visit. Not intimidating like many of the larger craft

micro brews might be. I was early and got to spend a few minutes talking. And I left with a growler. They had five different

brews in the making and/or on tap. They have many places in Portland that carry their beer, and I believe Woody’s in Waterboro

also does.  The usual tee shirts, and glasses, should you develop a likeness for them ! I might, but looks like it will take a few moe visits

to be sure.

Link is on the Links List.  Worth the visit.


Waterboro Walk In CLinic

Hello selectmen and many others


Sue Hadiaris,  communications director for Southern Maine Health Care, called yesterday with some very fine news…our Waterboro Urgent Care will open on or before December 1, 2014!!!   It will be open seven days per week instead of six and have a physician and family nurse practitioner there most if not all the time.  The hours will be 10am to 7pm.


This is excellent news that can be spread by all…FYI…Gary


Gary Lamb

Waterboro Town Administrator

Road Closure in Waterboro

From the TOwnhall

Please be advised that Public Works Director Doug Foglio, Sr. will be closing a portion of Deering Ridge Road from Edith Hughey Road to Hooper Hill on weekdays from 9 am to 2 pm for road reconstruction work beginning this Thursday, October 23rd through Friday, October 31st , approximately –  weather permitting.


Dave Lowe, please post this info on the town website.


Thank you,




Christina Silberman

Administrative Assistant, Town of Waterboro

Telephone: 207 247-6166 ext.101

Fax: 207 247-3013