North Waterboro Maine

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Waterboro is a nice little town


Everyone says that about their town. It’s a nice little town/city/burg/whatever.

I was asked to fill out a poll last week about my town, by one of the college classrooms that manages the website. It was the usual stuff, how big, population, wiki stuff. But the  question that made me stop a bit was the one that asked for a number from 1 to 10. That took a while.

Waterboro is a 4. Not bad , not good, not anything really, just a 4. I looked a town participation, about a 2. We have little groups that do well, the Cemetery Committee comes to mind, dedicated folks. Recreation in town, maybe a 3. Yeah, yeah, I know this is a big recreation town! Everyone says so.  SO how come everyone I know, the natives, head North for vacations, snowmobiling, hiking, swimming,etc? Well, because there is very little of that in town. Yep, the Summer folks come here and enjoy Little Ossipee. But unless you have a boat to throw into the boat  launch,  or friends/family that own property on the water, there is nothing. Ossipee Pines? Really, been out there lately. Seen the crowds? The folks that think we are a recreation area are from away, Summer folks. They think this is Maine !

How about hiking? Ossipee Mountain is even on the town seal, the famous fire tower. Been there recently? The road is fine for 4 wheel, maybe, the ATV traffic is constant, the view is long gone with the tree growth, and the fire tower should be condemned. You let your kids go up there? Call DHSS.  Hiking Trails? Oh yeah, and try and find them, no signs, nothing cleared for two years, and they go nowhere, no view, no picnic area, nothing.

What’s left ? Library? Nice place, small, basically unused for a town of 8000. Support? Not much, although the home school crowd makes it their headquarters.

Churches? Yes indeed, many all around town. And each with its own crowd and activities. Not much tying the town together there.

Places to eat? One doing quite well, a Sports Bar. And there are lots of pickmeup trucks there. The rest, Mom and Pop pizza, fried food. Facilities? Porta potties out back. Welcome to Waterboro. Except for Merrill’s. They actually have a bathroom inside.

School system? I have yet to meet someone that moved to Waterboro for the school system. Besides, kids don’t graduate from Waterboro, they graduate from Massabessic. Nothing tying the town together there, is there.

The only area in town that organizes is Lake Arrowhead Estates, and they aren’t even proud enough of the place to put up signs! But they they do a better job of getting it together than the Waterboro Townhall.

We have no downtown, no center, nothing that says Waterboro is here. We are a 4. We don’t try to be average or higher, because that costs money. But we want business to come here. Notice the signs as you enter town? They say “Welcome Waterboro” Not Welcome to Waterboro. Just welcome Waterboro, now please pass on through. We are a nice little town. But we are a 4.

Five Selectmen, a Town Manager, and no one will answer this .  A four, but a solid four, don’t you think!


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